Begin of Studies

I saw that the regular start of the program is in fall semester. Can I also start the semester in Literary Studies in spring?

You can also start your studies in spring, however the duration of studies of two years cannot be guaranteed due to the schedule of the compulsory modules.

Language of Instruction

Do I have to be able to speak German or English for the Mono-Master in Literary Studies?

To complete the two compulsory modules “Atelier” and “Research Colloquium” as well as for the lecture series “Literary Theory” and “Literature and Knowledge”, it is required to have good knowledge of German or English.

Which language do I have to be able to speak for each chosen module?

Most of the modules are taken over from the study programs of the individual philologies. For graduates of the Mono-Master program in Literary Studies, there are no special regulations for completing these modules. That means that the requirements are exactly the same as for the students of the individual philological programs. This also applies to the required language skills: The same language requirements are applied that are specified in the individual modules. Overall, there is a sufficiently large selection of modules that makes it possible to complete the Mono-Master program in Literary Studies either in German or in English. Specializations in all other philological diciplines as well as in General and Comparative Literary Studies are also possible and explicitly welcomed. 







Change of Study Program

Can I get credits for an already completed literary module if I change my program?

Yes, please contact the student advisory service for the approval of previous modules.

Teaching Diploma (Lehrdiplom)

Can I get a teaching diploma (Lehrdiplom) with a degree in Literary Studies?

Students of the Mono-Master “Literary Studies” may also be able to attain a teaching diploma in one subject if the prerequisites have been met during Bachelor studies. However, due to the academic requirements of the individual subjects, you may have to meet aditional requirements. 

What kind of requirements do I have to meet in order to acquire the teaching diploma (Lehrdiplom)?

Generally, you have to acquire 60 ECTS points for one teaching subject in the Bachelor and 45 ECTS points in the Master. In addition, the master thesis must be written in the relevant teaching subject. Depending on the teaching subject, the modules must cover certain sub-areas of the special field.

For the individual subjects, the study program coordinators decide on any requirements for acquiring the teaching diploma.

I am studying Literary Studies in the Mono-Master program. Do I have to complete additional modules in lingustics if I would like to acquire the teaching diploma (Lehrdiplom)?

Depending on which moudules you have booked, additional requirements in linguistics are possible.

The study regulations for the admission to the teaching diploma ( Studienordnung Zulassung zum Studiengang Lehrdiplom für Maturitätsschulen- p. 34: 2.2.0 Zulassung ohne zusätzlich zu erbringende Studienleistungen bei spezialisierten Masterstudien- und Monomasterprogrammen) regulates the academic requirements for each subject.  

Modules Offered

Can all literary modules of UZH be chosen for the Master program in Literary Studies? 

No. The range of modules was specifically defined for the module groups of the Mono-Master program in Literary Studies. With the exception of a few modules from the study programs of the German Department (area of Modern and Contemporary German Literature, Study Program “German Literature: Theory, Analysis, Mediation” as well as Scandinavian Studies), most of the literary courses at UZH can be booked freely in accordance with the rules of the study regulations. Literary Study modules, for example from the fields of English, Romance Studies, Slavic Studies or General and Comparative Literature (AVL) can be booked in the Mono-Master program in Literary Studies without any problem, whereby the requirements are defined by the respective seminars. 

Can I freely choose the modules listed in the module catalog? 

Generally yes, but you have to keep in mind  that the completion of the two compulsory modules “Atelier” (preferably in the first [fall] semester) and “Research Colloquium” (preferably in the last [spring] semester) is mandatory, as well as at least one visit to the lecture series (spring semester). In addition, the rules formulated in the study regulations apply. In particular, this means that at least 42 ECTS credits from the two module groups “Literature, Arts, Media” and “Literature, Knowledge, Culture” must be earned, and at least 50% of the course work is graded (including the master thesis of 30 ECTS credits).