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Literary Studies

Literary Studies

General Description

The specialized Master’s degree Literary Studies offers an in-depth examination of prevailing research questions in all literatures taught at the University of Zurich. The main aim is developing an individual research profile, either concerning literature in a certain language or a multilingual literary perspective. The program focuses on the aesthetic and epistemological potential of literature in a research- and practice-oriented way and from a present day perspective. Intermediality and a conception of literary research as cultural analysis as well as history of knowledge are especially emphasized. Graduates are able to conduct their own research projects and to write academic texts in different genres.

Career Prospects

The well-funded literary education enables to conduct research independently or in groups (academic collaboration, PhD). The program also prepares students for later employment in a range of areas, particularly media (research, journalism); translation; administration (project management, knowledge management); the cultural sector; education (Lehrdiplom / Teaching Diploma in a school subject with a relevant BA-degree and fulfilled minimum requirements).

ECTS Credits

120 ECTS Credits


Master of Arts UZH

Part Time Study

The sample study plan is based on a full time study. Part time study is possible und comes along with an extension of the duration of study.

Combination of Major and Minor Subjects

The specialized Master’s degree Literary Studies comprises 120 ECTS Credits. This corresponds to a full time study. 

Language of Instruction

German, English

Board of Trustees

There is a board of trustees for the specialized Master’s degree Literary Studies. The board consists of representatives of different philologies.

Current members of the board are:

Prof. Dr. Thomas Klinkert (Chair und Head of the Program / Institute of Romance Studies / French Studies)
Prof. Dr. Sandro Zanetti (Institute of Romance Studies / Comparative Literature Studies)
Prof. Dr. Michael C. Frank (English Department / English Language and Literature)
Prof. Dr. Mireille Schnyder (Department of German Studies / German Language and Literature)
Prof. Dr. Klaus Müller-Wille (Department of German Studies / Scandinavian Studies).                              Dr. Dr. Sebastian Balmes (Institute of Asian and Oriental Studies / Representative of Adjunct Lecturers and Adjunct Professors)
Annina Meier (Students' Council)


Weiterführende Informationen

offered by

Faculty of Arts
Institute of Romance Studies


Advisor of Studies / Program Coordinator

Dr. phil. Zeynep Pamuk



Office days: Monday and Tuesday

available via E-Mail, MS Teams or Zoom


Plattenstrasse 43 (PLG)
CH - 8032 Zürich


Head of the Program

Prof. Dr. Thomas Klinkert