Teaching Diploma (Lehrdiplom)

Students who have completed their Mono-Master program in Literary Studies can be admitted to acquire a Lehrdiplom (Teaching Diploma) for one teaching subject.

In general, students have to acquire 60 ECTS points in their Bachelor degree and 45 ECTS in their Master studies in the chosen teaching subject. In addition, the master thesis must be written in the teaching subject. Depending on the subject, these ECTS points must be earned from modules of the specific subject areas. These so-called academic requirements are regulated in appendix 3 of the program regulation for the Lehrdiplom.

The study regulation for the Lehrdiplom is currently under revision. The changes from HS19 onwards do not provide any difficulties compared to the current study regulation. The academic requirements from HS19 onwards will be published shortly on this page.

The study program coordinators for the individual subjects decide on admission to the Lehrdiplom and on any related requirements.


How Modules are Credited

With the Mono-Master in Literary Studies, it is your own responsibility to meet the academic requirements for “your” teaching subject. 

In addition to the specific modules of the individual teaching subjects, the following modules of the Mono-Master in Literary Studies can be acknowledged in the respective subject if they are completed in the respective language:

  • “Research Colloquium” (6 ECTS Credits, in the context of the corresponding Master thesis in the subject)
  • “Reflections on Inter-Cultural Experience: Stay Abroad” (3 ECTS Credits)
  • “Reflections on Current Research: Event Report” (3 ECTS Credits).

It is up to the individual department to decide whether and in which subject area they will be credited. Contact the student advisory service for the respective subject in advance.